If you build it, they will come

Recruiting for the proverbial needle in the hay stack requires a new approach. Traditional OCI or increasing compensation packages isn’t going to cut it in an increasing competitive and evolving landscape.

For instance, what if an Am Law 100 law firm was looking for:
– a BioTech PhD candidate with an exceptional GPA at a prestigious university
– who is applying to or has been accepted but not started law school
– is scheduled to sit for or has recently passed the U.S. Patent Bar Exam
– but has not yet worked at a law firm?

That person exists in about a 6 week window of time, now and in the future as they continue to accomplish their goals and departmental needs grow. And as you might imagine, that person is highly sought out and courted by competitors that make exceptional offers impossible not to consider.

Enter marketing.

Firms and organizations can make a first and lasting impression by engaging prospective talent years in advance, introducing them to the brand, benefits and opportunities that come with working there  Organizations can minimize competition so that they attract and maintain the best and the brightest. Building online communities makes that possible.

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