A Marketing Coordinator and a CMO walk into a bar…

I was fortunate enough to sit down this week and talk shop with a CMO who has held the role in and outside of law firms. Of the challenges inherent to the CMO role, he said one of the biggest is staying ahead of the value proposition with constantly varying weight (and importance and most critically resources) given to the marketing and business development functions by leadership. Anticipating the needs (technology, staff, resources) and being prepared for the shift in priorities is key. It struck me that the same is true for marketers at all levels in the context of career advancement. How do I anticipate the next area of growth and position myself to capitalize on it by promotion, salary increase, growing my portfolio, professional development, etc.?

Business development is clearly winning the sibling rivalry of marketing vs business development these days with a particular focus on technology and data. So what does that mean for legal marketing professionals?

J. Johnson Executive Search points out that there is a shortage of talent in its most recent Am Law 200 Data Survey results. A shift in the traditional legal marketing roles, a refinement or sophistication is in play creating tremendous opportunities for those who can create an advantage for themselves.

Legal marketing professional should be asking how do I fit into this mix? Depending on the answer, then asking does my professional brand reflect MY value proposition? If your third question is what is a professional brand, I am happy to help you answer that question at a time and location convenient for you.

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