2015 was a wonderful year

Possibly one of the best perks of being your own boss is deciding on client gifts!  With so many options, it can be draining trying to find the right thing.  Many clients can’t accept gifts in the first place.  And personalizing each gift – can make your head spin.

This year, Navigate Recruiting partnered with DC Paws Rescue in Alexandria and sponsored an animal to be rescued from a kill shelter in Pickens, South Carolina in the name of each of our clients.  Clients decide on a dog or a cat and provide a name for the animal.  From there, they receive updates as the animal navigates its journey to a forever home.

Clients have been very excited about the opportunity, sharing many of their own stories of rescued pets.

We will provide updates as they come in through the season and into 2016, stay tuned!


NR teams with DC Paws


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