Nikita and Duckie arrive in Arlington!!

Couldn’t be more excited that Navigate Recruiting was a part of DC Paws’ first transport of 2016 bringing 22 animals out of Pickens and on their way to a forever home.  Saturday also another milestone – DC Paw’s 100th adoption.



I was blown away with the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes.  Here you see a mix of fosters and new adopters receiving instructions before the furries arrived.


Duckie was one of the first to come off the van and wanted to slap high fives.


Here is Nikita meeting his new family for the first time – do you think he likes them?


And here they are a few minutes later looking like they have always been together.  It was an emotional experience, topped of by a hug so tight by Nikita’s new mom that I couldn’t breathe!

Always reminded that we all have a part to play, none too small or unimportant.

Two here, 8 to go!

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