Brand convergence

How many times have we heard that a company’s greatest asset is its people?

Employees drive innovation and define the customer experience. The company or organization that creates an environment where its assets feel valued and enjoy coming to work have an opportunity to stand out – in both the recruiting arena and the marketplace at large.

In order to get there, a company or organization has to bring the brand to HR, not just marketing and sales. In today’s technology driven world, your corporate brand and your talent brand have to be used interchangeably.

The roles of HR and recruiting have expanded dramatically. HR is forced to think like their marketing counterparts in order to stay relevant and competitive in the talent arena. With so many touch points for prospective candidates, it is imperative that HR keep its eyes and ears to the ground, hearing and responding to a larger number of audiences including current and past employees, customers, news outlets, bloggers, etc. HR is now having to help manage the brand in order to continue to attract the type of talent vital to the organization.

Recruiting and retention strategies that integrate marketing and social media will propel the organizations they support, reaching the right talent with the language and message that resonates.

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