You are in the spotlight – are you brilliant?

What do the key pointers in “The Art of Making a Brilliant Presentation” have to do with building a professional brand?


Ok maybe not maintaing eye contact, but just about every point made by Srinivasan R in creating and delivering winning presentations applies to professionals looking to define and communicate who they are and what value they bring to an organization.

Let me bend your mind for a moment….what if your professional progression and career aspirations were the subject of the powerpoint presentation being made to an audience of prospective employers?

On LinkedIn and other social media platforms, it is! You have the unique opportunity to get the proverbial and coveted “foot in the door” and tell a protective employer or their representative why you are the one.  And as the piece smartly points out: “The first 30 seconds to one minute, are crucial in a presentation. That’s when your audience is sizing you up and you set expectations. If you are unable to capture the attention of the audience during that critical time, you have an uphill task of redeeming your presentation.”

So with that in mind, does you LinkedIn profile engage a reader by creating a story line of your professional progression using pictures, recommendations or work product to back it up? Does it open with something unexpected to pull your audience in or does it start with a weird third person reference to yourself?? Does it appeal to emotion and tell your audience something about who you are in addition to what you have done???

If it doesn’t, you are missing an enormous opportunity to create advantages and opportunities professionally for yourself down the road.

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