Competitive Recruiting

That title is a bit repetitive, huh? But seriously, a new avenue for competitive advantage has emerged as the lines between marketing and talent acquisition continue to blur.

Talent acquisition is now beginning years before a prospect is hired or has even graduated from college or advanced programs. Recruiting rooted in building online communities that engage and build brand loyalty by clearly communicating what the organization offers, its values and its culture utilizing the technologies and platforms that prospects use will become the standard. Organizations that adopt an ongoing, years long approach to talent acquisition will enjoy success not only in the short but, far more importantly, longer term. Particularly those organizations seeking the proverbial “needle in a hay stack” candidates.

We can learn a lot from sales organizations that are successfully engaging prospective customers today using social media. A recent Forbes article points out that “social listening” can help an organization establish deeper relationships with prospective customers. “Social media allows salespeople to see what prospects are saying about their brand and competitors,” says Janet Fouts, a social media coach and chief executive of Tatu Digital Media, an online marketing agency. “You can really get to know his or her needs through social listening. It’s a great way to research a market and initiate conversation leading to a sale.”

Replace sale with talent acquisition, customer with prospective employee, salesperson with recruiter and then ask yourself if your organization is listening to what 1) people are saying about your organization and your competitors and 2) prospective employees say are their most important priorities for choosing an employer. If you aren’t, chances are your competition is.

Of course, this approach requires a dramatic shift in thinking, Can you articulate it??

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