Ever work with a client that just gets it?

When a company identifies the recruiting challenge it faces and dials in on how to address it, it is like hitting the lottery!   Most times, the answer is simple.   Effectively articulating it usually isn’t.  Visuals (image and video) and the social media platforms that deliver them can put an organization miles ahead in the race to attract the employees that are right for the role and the company.

Take for example corporate culture.   It is hard to establish much less convey without being able to immerse a candidate in your environment.  However, by showing your corporate motto prominently displayed on a conference room white board, you communicate the attributes most important to your organization and teams.


Hearing first hand the factors and considerations that made your organization an employee’s choice and what their experiences have been since joining goes a long way.  Candidates catch a glimpse of that corporate motto embodied if it is done right.


You are even be able to show how people work, giving candidates the chance to visualize (or NOT!) themselves in your environment.


Companies that identify and engage who they need not just what they need will attract and retain the talent needed to thrive.  Those who get it, get it.

Check back soon for the final video in production now!!

(Video shot February 4, 2015  by NeoNiche Strategies www.neonichestrategies.com) 


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